Health and Working Conditions

Social protection (1/2)

First insurance for more than half of employees

First insurance for many employees

100% formal employees have public health coverage

52% employees get health insurance for the first time


Only 1% of employed workers are covered by health insurance in Madagascar*.

Multiplicative insurance within the household


More than half of workers benefit from health coverage for the first time thanks to their formal employment with Ultramaille. This social protection policy has a multiplier effect since the other members of the families benefit. On average, two other people are covered by the insurance contract. This is a rare advantage which the majority of Madagascans do not take advantage of. Despite everything, 40% are not satisfied with the coverage provided which does not take into account enough expenses. A doctor is directly present in the company but, according to the employees, only basic medicines are generally prescribed and paid for.

*Source: National Survey on Employment and the Informal Sector (ENEMPSI), 2012

Working conditions

A more favorable situation compared to the previous job

Average satisfaction
(on a scale of 1 to 5)

elationship with management
(on a scale of 1 to 5)

80% overall declare themselves satisfied with their job, compared to 2% dissatisfied

65% préfèrent their current situation compared to the previous situation


Two thirds of employees have been more satisfied with their situation since joining the company. Relations with management and the possibilities for dialogue are generally welcomed, and employees appreciate the responsibilities entrusted to them. However, wages are still considered too low , since 53% of workers are not satisfied with their remuneration.