At Ultramaille, because of our core business, we are more exposed to ocular damages. Our colleagues indeed are used to daily very meticulous knitting, assembling, embroidery and control tasks.

This is why, they easily face:

  • headaches
  • musculoskeletal disorders, ocular troubles can bring people to be in a physical bad posture and have cervical and dorsal pains
  • attention and concentration disorders : visual discomfort can lead to daily disabling stress and a stressed colleague is unproductive
  • eye fatigue, because of crystalline hyperactivity

As we care of our colleague’s health, we‘ve created an ocular health control program for 3 years. This year, it took place at the end of october, and we invited all our colleague to a free control. 317 applied for it. We covered 50% of the glasses price for the people who needed some.

Our partners : Institut de la Vision, AMIT, Lion’s Club.