Ultramaille is committed to sustainable development in respect to nature. We like to knit natural fibers. If possible, we give preference to local producers in order to avoid pollution due to transport. For the production of vapor, we utilize recyclable resources. The water taken out of the underground water source is treated and sent back clean into nature. All our waste is incinerated. We have reduced our CO2 emissions down to the strictest minimum level.

The steam required for dyeing and for ironing, is generated by burning wood waste that is recuperated from the local wood furniture industry in addition to Eucalyptus branches- a tree that grows easily and abundantly in Madagascar.

The water necessary for washing, for dyeing, and finishing, is retreated in our own purification station. Then it is recycled clean back to nature. The mud from the purification station is incinerated at a high temperature.

Certificat Gots

Certificat Gots

Permis environnemental

Environmental Permis