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About us

Ultramaille Sarl Madagascar

Who are we

Ultramaille Sarl

A knitwear factory

In our new 3000 square meter knitwear factory Ultramaille employs 846 craftsmen. In addition 40 persons are working in our dye house.
We knit on several hundred hand frames as well as on 65 electronic machines. We are fully equipped for yarn and for piece dying.

We are certified for grafting micro capsules on textile fibres “Cosmetic Wear”.

Continuous training of our workers enables us to maintain a high level of quality.

Opening to the World Market

ULTRAMAILLE works essentially for export. Our principal market is Europe but we sell as well to South Africa, the United States. Our clientele list also consists of some of the most prestigious French and Italian brands.

ULTRAMAILLE focuses more specifically on the higher end of the middle range of the market as well as on the lower part of the luxury segment, specializing in medium size production runs.

THE MAJORITY of our yarns come from Italy, Asia and the Indian Ocean area.

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Ultramaille Sarl Madagascar

The Ultramaille team

Frédéric WYBO

President and CEO

Factory Profile


Form Contact

Lot II G 55 ter NBA Ambatomaro
BP 3298 Antananarivo MADAGASCAR
+361 34 11 855 22
+261 20 22 438 14

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Ultramaille Sarl Madagascar