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Social and Art

Madagascar is a country as large as France and the Benelux combined. The population of this island is 18.7 million inhabitants. Madagascar is one of the 10 poorest countries on the planet.

600 000 people have salaried jobs, in which 200,000 are in public administration.
700 000 young people join the work force every year !

The ULTRAMAILLE SA team in Madagascar.

The entire management team of ULTRAMAILLE SA lives in Madagascar. We all share our passion for this country. We are convinced that in providing work for the Malagasy people we are contributing to the economic development of this country. In favoring the North/South exchange, you are helping us to improve the quality of life of our employees who work for you.

To have a legal salaried position in Madagascar is a privilege. It provides access to social security; workers compensation, medical insurance, maternity, paid leave, and retirement. It facilitates access to hospitals.
A doctor is available to personnel on a daily basis. He works 8 hours a day in the Ultramaille infirmary where he is assisted by Lilas, our nurse mid-wife.

A social audit

A social audit was completed by FSSI (Food Safety Services International Group, Partner of IBL Group) at ULTRAMAILLE SA in January 2009.
This audit confirmed that ULTRAMAILLE SA strictly respects all social rights of their personnel as well as the security regulations.

The report is available upon request. After having finalized his report, the auditor wrote us :
“Congratulations again on a compliant factory and a score of 100% !”

» ULTRAMAILLE SA offers all its personnel lunch every day (around 250,000 lunches per year).
» It is prepared by an outside catering service that offers the choice of 2 different menus.
» ULTRAMAILLE SA regularly organizes in-house trainings for all its staff and managers.



ULTRAMAILLE SA is committed to sustainable development in respect to nature. We like to knit natural fibers. If possible, we give preference to local producers in order to avoid pollution due to transport. For the production of vapor, we utilize recyclable resources. The water taken out of the underground water source is treated and sent back clean into nature. All our waste is incinerated. We have reduced our CO2 emissions down to the strictest minimum level.

The steam required for dyeing and for ironing, is generated by burning wood waste that is recuperated from the local wood furniture industry in addition to Eucalyptus branches- a tree that grows easily and abundantly in Madagascar.

The water necessary for washing, for dyeing, and finishing, is retreated in our own purification station. Then it is recycled clean back to nature. The mud from the purification station is incinerated at a high temperature.


Based on the desire to develop local skills, Ultramaille has, since its beginnings, integrated the dimension of sustainable development and the principles of corporate social responsibility are an integral part of its economic model.
The ULTRAMAILLE SA company does not limit itself to offer a job more than 800 people, it participates actively the improvement of the social life of its fellow citizens.


The smaller of the seeds may contain the larger tree.
Education is the foundation of man. It is fundamental to humanity. It is a light that guides the steps of everyone in personal as well as professional savie. Education is still an ongoing challenge for Madagascar.